Cue The Heart Eyes For This L.A. Creative’s Hand-Marbled Textile Designs


woman sitting in front of fabric

“It just looks magical!” replies textile and wallpaper designer Paige Cleveland when asked why hand-marbling has remained popular for centuries. “There’s something soothing about the shapes and the process itself.” Now, with her first collection of digitally printed textiles called Maquette (four patterns in a selection of natural colors), limitations of a one-off design are a thing of the past. Luxe chatted with Cleveland to get the scoop on her work.

shot of painterly pillows and fabric

closeup of painter swirling paint

closeup of hand-marbling fabric

Why add digital to your oeuvre? We love creating beautiful patterns but had to shelve experiments since we couldn’t replicate them. It’s a labor of love, but with advances in digital printing we can scan them, put them into repeat and print, and they still look handmade. 

And why the name Maquette? Because it’s a peek into our archive of prototypes—the process before the product. 

Tell us about your other new venture, California Collective. I’ve partnered with friends and fellow textile makers Alexis Hartman of Lake August and Brook Perdigon to create a unique sales collective in our home state of California. We’re selling our collections through a shared representative to better cater to designers’ needs. We’re competitors, but we motivate and support each other, and together our designs are such a nice mix.