A Historic Upstate New York Hotel Finds New Life


The Adelphi Hotel

After five years of renovations–and much anticipation–The Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York, is welcoming guests with open arms.

First opened in 1877, The Adelphi has been an icon of Saratoga’s golden age for over a century, serving as an upstate escape for wealthy Manhattanites drawn to the charming town for its naturally carbonated mineral spas, world-class horse racing and polo scene.

Over time, the hotel had been modified from 74 small rooms to just over 40. As part of the recent renovation, New York City-based designer and architect Glen Coben and local architect Dominick Ranieri decided to combine some of these spaces to create 32 larger elegantly appointed rooms, filled with both refurbished furniture from the original hotel as well as new custom-designed pieces, many created by local artisans.







“What we love about the hotel is the richness of information that we were able to mine from the original,” says Coben. “We were inspired by Victorian times.”

But, while the style takes influence from the hotel’s history–think 11-foot ceilings, a grand ballroom, a grand staircase climbing four stories and surrounding gardens where guests can enjoy a properly made cocktail–Coben was focused on offering the modern amenities the clientele has come to expect during their travels.

For starters, new electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems were put in. The renovation also called for luxuries that many guests would have in their own homes, such as radiant heated floors and marble-encased walk-in showers.

“I like to say that if they had this technology in 1877 they would’ve put it in,” says Coben. “We wanted to be appropriate to the vision the owners had of the luxury property.”

Coben finds it difficult to pinpoint his favorite aspect of the hotel’s design–he loves everything from the glass three-panel backdrop behind the front desk to the different nooks to be explored throughout the building. But he does name the guest rooms as one of the features he’s most excited about.

“There are several different designs, and that’s where you’re going to feel all the wonderful thought that went into the hotel,” he says. “And I just love the thought of curling up and reading a book on these wonderful beds.”