Inside This Bay Area Hybrid Café Celebrating Mexican Craftsmanship


The interior of Los Altos hybrid cafe and shop Tal Palo

Tal Palo is a “reflection of our favorite things,” says Adriana Dominguez of the hybrid shop and cafe she and husband Aaron Porter opened in downtown Los Altos following a three-year stint in Guadalajara. Dominguez chatted with Luxe about what customers can expect to find.

Tell us about the concept. Often, Mexico does not come to mind when people think of luxury goods. We hope to highlight the craft of the country and its arts. Mexican goods deserve to be celebrated and valued as world-class mastery. 

Is there a common thread among the products? We carry hand-crafted items that tell stories and keep traditions alive. Many of the goods are imported from Mexico by designers who work with local artisans and producers to rescue ancestral techniques.