Fall In Love With These Vintage Linens With A Neon Twist


woman holding basket smiling

Neon Lace, a line of hand-dyed, vintage tablecloths and linens, was born out of Imane Fiocchi’s passion for color and her curiosity in textile arts and dying techniques, like Japanese shibori. Luxe caught up with the Gagosian Gallery alum from her studio in Garrison, New York, to talk inspiration and sourcing of her one-of-a-kind designs.

white plate with pink tie-dye napkin

pink doily

green doily

lime doily

Why neon? I wanted to juxtapose the vintage materials with a modern palette to create something people hadn’t seen before. Neon is an energizing color and makes people happy.

Tell us about a unique find that excited you. I was sourcing in Venice and stumbled across the Lace Museum in Burano, which is full of fantastic lace relics. I took home a piece of handmade lace from the 1600s—it is framed in my house.

What does home entertainment mean to you? Gathering with people you love and connecting—it’s that simple. I’ve found that unique dining pieces, whether they’re plates, salt-and-pepper shakers or, in my case, bright table linens, add an element of intrigue to the dining experience. It helps break the ice.

What inspires you? Travel and nature. I’ve seen fluorescent kelp and neon fish in the Great Barrier Reef, vivid signs in downtown Tokyo and the Northern Lights in Iceland. My travel experiences have shown me that neon exists in everyday life, so it belongs on your tabletop, too.