We Asked Industry Creatives What’s On Their Wish Lists. Here’s What They Said.


“I have an affinity for the artisan-made,” says Chicago designer Gil Melott, who has bespoke pieces like fellow Chicagoan-artist Steven Haulenbeek’s wax cast bronze mirror at the top of his wish list. (PHOTO VIA CARPENTER’S WORKSHOP GALLERY)

‘Tis the season of gift-giving, and if you’ve ever wondered what some of the industry’s most creative designers and makers are wishing for this time of year, wonder no further. Here are the places, people and things that are inspiring this chic group of aesthetes.

Serena Dugan
Artist + Textile Designer, Sausalito

A Flirty Accent

Couture Geometric Deco Pouf by Lorenza Bozzoli / artemest.com

“These decorative poufs and ottomans by Lorenza Bozzoli for Artemest feel like couture for the home.  I’m a sucker for a statement piece — particularly one that is artisan-made. This pouf (and the entire collection) is so feminine and luxe, I could see it being the perfect vanity seating in the over-the-top dressing room that I don’t yet have. But when I do, it will revolve around this confection. “

Gil Melott
Interior Designer, Chicago

The Work Of A Modern Day American Artist

Everyone’s Momma by Henry Taylor, 2013 / ocula.com

“When I start a design project I generally begin with art, not a sofa or a rug, if only for inspiration. Though often it’s also an aspiration for a room and a design to rise to the occasion and have a tangible connection to the art or the sentiment or the client’s relationship to it. I have admired how the artist Henry Taylor can create a strong interaction with the subjects of his paintings whether they are his friends or strangers. They are vibrant even in somber moments. The idea that life works much like that and rooms serve as backdrops for those moments makes Mr. Taylor’s work even more relatable. The painting Everyone’s Momma, 2013 to me is keenly indicative of that sentiment and keeps him always on my list.”

Sara Hillery
Interior Designer, Richmond

A Throwback Light Fixture

Gilded Bronze and Lacquered Metal Chandelier by Maison Baguès / 1stdibs.com

“What I love about it: The natural leaf elements, classic styling, and mix of color. Why I want it- I’ve had my eye on this Maison Baguès chandelier from the 1950s for a while now, it’s a classic; traditional yet casual and fits right in with the best crystal. We are about to add a small room to our home that will serve as an overflow eating and games space with three walls of glass overlooking the garden. I want the space to feel casual and natural breaking down the barrier of interior and exterior. The organic flow of the leaves mimic the plants and trees and give the room instant style. And I can’t kill this “plant!”  Add in a little soft sparkle of brass that resonates the other finishes in my home, and it’s perfect.”

Windy Chien
Artist, San Francisco

An Inspiring Story

Everything She Touched by Marilyn Chase / chroniclebooks.com

“I’m excited to pore over the new Ruth Asawa biography, Everything She Touched. A Japanese-American, she survived racist internment during World War II, attended Black Mountain College and raised six kids. The Bay Area artist forged her own wholly unique voice through her wire sculptures, which are at once ethereal and yet tangibly, thrillingly material. In short, Ruth Asawa is goals.”


Mark Cunningham
Interior Designer, New York City

Something With History 

An Exceptional 18th Century Table / humphrecarrasco.com

I don’t need anything this holiday, but I love this table. The edge, patina, color and its simplicity.


Mally Skok
Interior + Textile Designer, Boston

An English Country Getaway

The Newt in Somerset / thenewtinsomerset.com

“My top wish is to go to the circa-1690 estate that is now home to the Newt in Somerset. The couple who developed it also founded the most incredible farm outside of Stellenbosch in South Africa (my home country) called Babylonstoren. My wanderlust has kicked in hard now that the vaccine is around the corner. We’re all ready to go to fun new places again!”

Brett Beldock

Wallpaper Designer, New York City

A Beautiful Addition To An Art Collection

Belle Belle Belle!, 2018 by Elizabeth Peyton / artsy.net

“Elizabeth Peyton is one of my favorite artists. Her painting style sends me over the moon and touches my core. She paints with gestures that create an image. I first saw her work years ago at Sotheby’s Auction House. Elizabeth paints these gestures backward in reverse on glass. She then dips the glass in a huge vat of chemicals. It is then pressed with 600 pounds of weight onto pulp which the artist has made. The entire amazing process was explained to me one night when the manager of Two Palms Printers walked me through their space. They print all of my favorites. Stanley Whitney is next on my list, and Cecily Brown and Marina Adams.”