What 5 Pros Love About Design In The Hamptons


We asked local architects, designers, landscapers and builders what they love about design in the Hamptons.


What guides your gardens? I’m loyal to the style suggested by the architecture and the surrounding environment.

What Hamptons hamlet draws you in? I love being surrounded by water on Shelter Island, especially during the magnificent sunsets and when the dogwood trees are in full bloom.

Describe every client’s dream: To arrive at their property on any given day and take in the scent of fragrant flowers in the air.

–FREDERICO AZEVEDO, Unlimited Earth Care


LX_HAM5_DesignNews_Edmund Hollander

Common request: Formal gardens are on the wane. People want natural landscapes.

Most unusual project? The ecological restoration of numerous habitats on Robins Island. We created the infrastructure, incorporated buildings and restored the woods, ponds, wetlands and beach areas.

Favorite hamlet? Sag Harbor. We have restored the Oakland and Eastville cemeteries, completed a master plan for the Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum and are assisting with restoring the iconic Long Wharf.

–EDMUND HOLLANDER, Hollander Design Landscape Architects



On homeowners’ lists of must-haves: Flexibility, natural light and ample space. We’ve evolved the plans of our modern barn homes to accommodate this.

What trends have faded? The formal dining room is old news, and the home theater as a separate room has evolved.

Where we’d find you on the island: East Hampton. It dates back to the colonial era. If you stand in front of the pond and squint a little, you can see the original colonists, sheep and cattle gathering around the windmill.

–AL GIAQUINTO, Plum Builders



What do your clients ask for? People want a home that is calm and soothing. Because we work in soft gray-blues and sandy tones, we can provide that.

Do you see any evolving styles right now? There is a phasing out of high-gloss lacquer furniture. We’re seeing an organic look come to prominence.

Proud moment: We recently completed a renovation of our home. That was especially satisfying to bring all the design details we provide to our clients into our own residence.

–AUSTIN HANDLER, Mabley Handler Interior Design


LX_HAM5_DesignNews_Blaze Portrait

Every summer home needs: To engage with the outdoors–to be able to entertain, dine and decompress outside.

What is the architecture mindset in the Hamptons? Clients are concerned about longevity. We’re talking about legacy properties that will be in families for generations.

Any fun projects lately? We just completed a dog house that will be auctioned off in August to benefit the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. We called it “Pitched Ruff.”

–BLAZE MAKOID, Blaze Makoid Architecture