What Inspires This Online Artisan Marketplace Founder



The Insider: Amy Young

After a fast-paced life in New York, Amy Young returned to her Sugar Land, Texas, roots and launched Thirds, an online marketplace offering artisan home items.

Based in Austin, the company presents pieces from craftsmen around the country who create porcelain, textile, stoneware and apothecary goods. We caught up with Young to learn more.

How do you find artisans?

I love visiting group studios. For instance, some of my favorite platters by Jennifer Fiore and Nina Lalli of Mondays came about during a fun visit that ended up in conversation over wine and cheese.

What’s your aesthetic?

Organic and neutral. I tend to gravitate toward pieces that stand out due to their signature designs yet aren’t loud.

Describe your quintessential patron.

Someone who likes to push boundaries a bit yet craves a sweet sense of home. My clients appreciate the process in creation and find value in storytelling.