3 Designers Share Their Favorite Antique Shops In New York


From vintage lighting to Roman busts to bespoke wonders, up-and-coming designers share their favorite places for antiques shopping across the greater New York area.

antiques shop with a gilt-frame mirror hanging against patterned wallpaper and a vintage console

Photo: Joe Kramm

Bernd Goeckler: Justin Charette’s Pick


Justin Charette’s “carefully edited, balanced and impactful” interiors feature “at least one item that gets people talking.” The Luxe Next In Design 99 talent’s go-to place in Manhattan to find such a piece is Bernd Goeckler.

“The gallery is a hot spot among a lot of designers—I love to source vintage lighting there. Little martini tables are another favorite find of mine. It’s always handy to have multiple surfaces rather than just using a coffee table to rest a drink.” 


gallery wall of antique portraits with gold frames in an antique shop

Photo: Courtesy De Vera

De Vera: Jennifer Beek Hunter’s Pick


To shape an aesthetic that is “traditional but seen through fresh eyes,” Luxe Next In Design 99 honoree Jennifer Beek Hunter looks for treasures at Manhattan’s De Vera, which also acts as a fount of inspiration.

“De Vera has one of the best collections of decorative arts and jewelry. The way they display pieces is brilliant and thought-provoking. For example, they will adorn a Roman bust with a Mediterranean coral necklace. I’m constantly drawing inspiration for my own work.”


antiques shop with varied furnishings on display and an upside down canoe hanging from the ceiling

Photo: Randy O’Rourke

RT Facts: Christina Nielsen’s Pick


For Luxe Next In Design 99 pro Christina Nielsen, eclecticism and a “mix of old and new” are essential to creating “spaces that a client doesn’t want to leave.” She sources the perfect items to create this effect at RT Facts in Kent, Connecticut.

“I love hunting for antiques at RT Facts because their offerings are always authentic and unique. They pride themselves on craftsmanship and attention to detail, and they create the most beautiful pieces that can be entirely custom. The options are limitless.”

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