If You’re Into Exotic Home Decor And Spaces, Here’s The Chicago-Native You Should Follow


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WHO: Influenced by parents whom she refers to as a “dynamic decorating duo” and inspired by a cousin collector who traveled the world as a professional dancer, Chicago native Kabria Cummings cultivated her love for interiors from an early age. She built her career in graphic design and marketing; however, the deaths of her parents two months apart, along with other unexpected events, prompted her to pursue her passion for interiors full time.

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black and brown bowls

handmade face for decor

WHAT: In 2016, Cummings founded Global Attic, a curated collection of home decor that transforms bland living spaces and helps to support the global community. The collection is handmade by artisans from around the world using natural and sustainable materials.

 WHY: Global Attic was born out of Cummings’s desire to decorate with bold, less mainstream decor that makes dramatic statements in her clients’ homes. She sources all of the items (and even designs some) herself. A peek at Global Attic’s Instagram feed reveals her inclination for exotic home decor and spaces. 

IN HER WORDS: When I was a child, my mom always encouraged me to be an individual. Whether selecting clothing or home decor, she instructed me to buy items that were well-made, different and classic, believing these items would stand the test of time. I apply this belief to how I curate items for Global Attic: I don’t follow trends. Instead, I search for unique statement pieces that my clients will enjoy for a lifetime.”