It Doesn’t Get More Relaxing Than This Jackson Hole Boudoir


Serene bedroom

There are serene rooms and then there are rooms where serenity seems to emanate from the walls, softening your disposition on viewing. This elixir of a bedroom in Jackson Hole, Wyoming—a collaboration between WRJ Design and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson—is decidedly the latter. Here, designer Rush Jenkins and architect Ray Calabro sound off on achieving Zen in tandem.;

Set the scene. RC: The site for the house is on a butte that overlooks the Snake River Valley with extraordinary views. The bedroom is located at the southern, most private end of the home and is embedded into the gentle slope of the site, connecting with the landscape at a more immediate scale. RJ: There’s a calmness and a majestic beauty that surrounds you. That’s what the color palette, the lighting, the simplicity of the design was about—creating harmony with nature.

Material connection. RC: The southern wall is smooth formed cast-in-place concrete, the flooring is white oak with a custom finish, the window wall is aluminum with a clear anodized finish, and the ceiling is composed of panels of white oak. RJ: The rug is bamboo silk, the bed is really luxurious suede, the pillows are a cashmere plaid from Loro Piana. Those tonal elements are about continuity with the exteriors and the architecture.

Design highlights. RC: The water feature that stretches along the master suite is dynamic. We placed mirror-finish stainless steel panels on the roof overhang above the stream. The combination of gently moving water and mirror reflects constantly changing patterns of light into the master suite throughout the day. The effect is magical. RJ: The seamless windows in this room actually open from the bottom. Can you imagine waking up hearing the water rippling and the birds chirping in the garden? Sometimes, you’ll see a moose having a drink. You don’t get closer to nature than that.

Dream team. RC: WRJ’s selections reinforce the calm elegance of the home. The luxe finishes and fabrics express their commitment to quality and attention to detail that are guiding principles in the architecture. RJ: This house was a unified vision. The client wanted serenity and simplicity, and every team member came at this design from the same philosophy.