Your Next Best Vintage Find May Be Waiting At This New York Store


Vintage furnishings, like a globe paper pendant, purple patterned rug and multiple coffee tables, at JAM Shop

JAM Shop showroom with vintage living room furnishings.

Megan Prime and Joe McGuire standing in front of a console, artwork, and leather lounge chair

Founders Megan Prime and Joe McGuire standing in their boutique.

In DUMBO, design firm JAM has opened JAM Shop, a showroom featuring vintage furnishings principals Joe McGuier and Megan Prime have spent years sourcing and refurbishing. Luxe met the duo to learn more.

How did the concept for JAM Shop come about? Megan Prime: As interior designers, we have a longstanding love of vintage because of the heirloom quality and thoughtfulness these pieces often carry. For years, we kept an inventory of the items we found, but we wanted to have ways to share them with everyone.

What gaps in the market are you looking to fill? Joe McGuier: We source with an emphasis on comfort and practicality rather than just looking for well-known designers. A showroom space allows people to experience that quality firsthand and hear why we fell in love with each furnishing.

What are you envisioning for the future? M.P.: Joe and I want to take lessons from the amazing furniture we’ve discovered and create new designs that are just as heirloom-worthy and hopefully become sought-after vintage pieces in 75 years.