Meet The Landscape Architect Redefining Edible Gardens


Long driveway lined with lush green trees

Photo: Adam Potts

Since launching his San Francisco firm, Zeterre, in 2006, landscape architect Jarrod Baumann has increasingly combined ornamental and edible plantings into his work. In addition to residential endeavors, he has two exciting Sonoma projects in progress: a redesign of the grounds at Vintners Resort, which boasts a farm-to-table restaurant, and a collaboration with a renowned Michelin-starred chef. Here, Baumann shares his thoughts on gardens with more than just decorative appeal.

These days, do all your projects have a culinary element? My clients get a little bit of whatever I’m into, and it’s something that I’m researching like crazy right now. I am super passionate about integrating edible plants and herbs throughout the garden—not limiting them to one specific area.

Can you give an example? In Los Altos I did apples, pomegranates and mandarins mixed in with roses along the entire length of a double-lot driveway (above). When I’m out in my own garden pruning roses and can also pick a few blueberries as I’m walking down the road? That’s fantastic.

You’re taking gardens to another level! I love this concept of gardens giving back. When a plant flowers, I feel like it’s giving back to you. But when it’s giving you fruits and vegetables—things that can nourish your body—that’s even better. I’m pushing clients to see how amazing it is to grow your own produce and how far superior the flavor is when they’re perfectly ripe.

Any plant that you’re particularly keen on? I’m personally obsessed with rare passion fruit. For myself and my clients, I want anything that you can’t get at the supermarket and won’t see in your friends’ gardens.