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WHO: Since moving to L.A. to attend Sci-Arc, artist Jeff Morrical has used his architectural studies to design single-sheet paper sculptures shaped by folds and gravity.

WHAT: Morrical loves the duality of making fine art pieces and sculptural “creatures” and then capturing them in natural settings, such as Joshua Tree National Park. In his new series, The Framed Horizon, his pieces juxtapose against rigid structures, including frames and walls.

WHY: Finding form in everyday materials has always been a source of inspiration for Morrical. The folds give the paper a springy quality, adding lightness and movement to his work.

“I want people to draw a connection between the flat and lifeless paper that we all shuffle around every day and the living, breathing trees the material came from. Folding is such a democratic process–anyone can do it without special skills or materials.”

Jeff Morrical