We Can’t Get Enough Of This Artist’s Hypnotic Hand-Marbled Pieces


vignette of table and mirror

In her former life as graphic designer, Jill Seale’s client roster included the likes of the White House, the Kennedy Center and Paul McCartney. It was a fateful trip to Florence (where she mastered the ancient art of marbling) that turned the tables. “I told my husband: you don’t have to agree with it, but this is what I’m doing; I’m going to take 100 pillows to High Point and see what happens.” That calculated risk beget exponential opportunities, and today the Charlotte artist and entrepreneur has textile-based products in top retailers and trade showrooms nationwide. Most recently, her collaboration with Chicago-based Port 68 soft-launched at High Point Market and hints at several new SKUs for spring. Seale shared the details with Luxe.

How did this collection with Port 68 come about? I met co-founder Mark Abrams at dinner in High Point. We connected over our mutual love of marbling and wanted to do something made-to-order with real artistry. We landed on silk scarves in four different looks. Hand-marbled with free-wheeling motifs, each one is unique.

Why do you love marbling? I collected marbled paper from Florence my whole life, but when I tried the method myself, I found religion. I immediately rearranged my studio and left my graphic design business. I knew I’d found my voice in textiles.

What feeds your creativity? Everywhere I go, I run things through a design filter. I see the world in color stories—mushrooms on a morning walk, chopping vegetables to make an omelet. It could be the simplest or most obscure thing, but when I see a striking color palette, I capture it. I probably have 27,000 photos on my phone.

stool with black and white marbling fabric