Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Work It Takes To Make A Home


Cover of book, "John Ike: 9 Houses, 9 Stories"

In his latest book, architect John Ike explores “the intricacies of how each project came to be and the myriad relationships between individuals necessary to execute them,” he says. “Each of the nine houses focuses on a particular relationship and includes a wide range of homes, both new works and alterations.”

The residences featured speak to the breath of Ike’s work—from a shingled abode in suburban New York to a glass-and-brick structure in the San Francisco hills. Out in May, John Ike: 9 Houses, 9 Stories, includes a chapter devoted to the working relationship between Carl Baker and Tyler Velten, Ike’s partners at the newly established Oakland-based practice Ike Baker Velten. Another chapter is devoted to photography, styling and the way published homes are perceived by readers.

Design and architecture enthusiasts, Ike notes, “will learn more about how architecture is produced and the multitude of participants it takes to make a home.”