Move Over Fast Fashion—These Blankets Only Get Better With Time


Bedroom with bed covered by dark-colored pillows and plaid blanket against gray wall by Julianne Casper

Julianne Casper fondly recalls staying in her grandmother’s Victorian farmhouse as a child, where the beds were adorned with cozy wool blankets. In her 20s, she would buy exquisite fabrics and make her own bedspreads. Later, during travels to Italy, the country’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship left a lasting impression. These experiences culminated in the recent launch of Principal’s Daughter, for which Casper designs quilts and blankets made in San Francisco, where she resides. (The moniker nods to her father, a high school principal for 35 years.) Here, Casper chats about the company’s quest to create “heirloom-quality bedding, inspired by European living.”

Let’s talk about your inspiration and focus on “top of the bed” products. I’ve always loved the European aesthetic of a very flat bed. I think it is elegant in its simplicity and strong, all at the same time. There are a lot of companies that give beautiful options for duvet covers and sheets, but there is not a lot in the luxury market for top of the bed.

What materials can we expect to see in your collection? I use only natural fabrics sourced from Italy. All of my blankets and specialty bedding are made from cashmere, wool, mohair, bouclé and silk. 

Do you envision pieces—much like your grandmother’s blankets that are now in your mother’s home—will be handed down from generation to generation? I want the blankets to be in your home for 50 years. This is not fast fashion. It is something that will get better with time—softer and more loved.