Explore One Artist’s Abstract Works At Her Sister’s Showroom


Abstract white artwork against a white brick wall and above a wood bench

Photo: Kimberly Swedelius

At CKS Collective, showroom owner Christina Karvelas Stavropolous represents and collaborates with the design industry’s top talents to offer everything from light fixtures and sofas to accessories and artwork. On February 23, Stavropolous will be exhibiting the works of somebody much closer to her—artist Katherine Ratay, who is also her sister.

“I am one of three sisters who are all creatives,” Ratay says, citing her own interest in art, Stavropolous’ pursuit of design, and fashion designer sister Maria Patrinos’ recently opened boutique in Hinsdale. “Growing up, we were überexpressive,” she adds, which is evident in her abstract works.

Ratay paints what she wants to see. She starts with an image or scene that she’d like to convey, “but the painting itself quickly takes over and pretty much dictates what I do next,” she says. “I’m definitely in the category of abstract expressionism. I move around quite a bit while I paint. I splash, smear and scrape. It’s emotional, and it’s a workout.”