3 Texas Designers Share Their Top Design Secrets


LuxeNext In Design 99 honorees and Texas designers Katie Davis, Holly Hickey Moore and Erica Volkmer dish on home essentials, insider insights and more.

Blue, floral pattern wallcovering in powder bathroom with a sage green vanity and trim

Photo: Nathan Schroder

Known for her use of color, pattern and whimsy, Luxe Next In Design 99 honoree Katie Davis brings a contemporary twist to traditional design. Here, the Houston designer shares what shapes her signature style.

Design mantra: Grandmillenial—traditional with modern touches.

Preferred pattern: Stripes are always a go-to, but you can’t go wrong with a floral block print or a check.

Color choice: Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball.

Every home needs: Something woven, whether it’s a kitchen chair, stool or side table. We love texture.

Rule of thumb: If you love, use it.

Office space with deep blue painted walls broken up with a blue checkered wallcovering

Photo: Lisa Petrole

Embracing joyful and spirited interiors, Dallas-based designer Holly Hickey Moore seamlessly merges elegance with approachability. Read on as the Luxe Next In Design 99 talent tell us more about her vision.

Studio slogan: Color and pattern unleashed.

Design rule to live by: Embrace fearlessness and unwavering commitment in your design choices; trust your instincts and intuition.

Ultimate collab: Lamps and lampshades with fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

No home is complete without: Plants and flowers. They have the power to infuse life into any environment.

Office and lounge space with muted black ceiling and Asian-influenced painted murals on the walls

Photo: Aaron Dougherty

In Austin, Luxe Next In Design 99 talent Erica Volkmer curates meticulously edited interiors with a sophisticated yet artful fusion of different styles. Discover what’s been catching her eye lately.

Firm’s motto: If everything is special, then nothing is special.

Excited by: Designers and clients embracing color again.

Favorite color: Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue.

Go-to pattern: Herringbone. I love installing it with pavers, wood or tile—it’s such a classic.

Inspiration: Travel. I love getting lost and observing a city’s details and regional style.

Home must-have: Great lighting. A lamp or fixture that makes you happy is gold.

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