Discover A Mix Of Vintage And Custom Pieces At This Bay Area Shop


Floating cabinet with geometric black vase and a white vessel under a black sconce in Katie Monkhouse showroom

San Francisco-based designer Katie Monkhouse of Katie Monkhouse Interior Design had always wanted her own shop. After a trip to The Original Round Top Antiques Fair left her with a larger inventory of vintage items than she knew what to do with, she made the leap and opened Westpark Home. Playing host to a mix of vintage finds, custom furnishings and original art, among other objects, the showroom exudes an eclectic and earthy ambience. Here the LUXE Next In Design 99 talent gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how she stocks the shop.

What do you look for when sourcing vintage? I look for shapes that feel interesting and architectural. Rehabbing pieces is the most fun. Finding the perfect fabric or finish to breathe new life into them brings me so much joy and creative satisfaction.

How do you create new furniture designs? I’ve worked with my furniture maker, Michael Finizio, for years. The designs are always born out of a need that can’t be easily filled with our go-to vendors. From there we decide what makes it into the Westpark line.

Any pieces you’re particularly excited about? We have a new coffee table, the Hendrix, with a shape reminiscent of a guitar pick. I love the oval legs, which have become a defining element in this most recent collection.


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