Thoughtful Design With Luxe Next In Design 99’s Keia McSwain


Keia McSwain Photo: Rayon Richard

With acclaimed firm NeKeia + Co., Denver-based interior designer Keia McSwain shapes high-in-color spaces that are, in her words, “thought-provoking, innovative and bold.” As president of the Black Interior Designers Inc. organization, the Luxe Next In Design 99 honoree is also a pioneer for diversity in design, working to elevate traditionally marginalized voices through a supportive community. Here, she shares reflections on what it means to design with a thoughtful, unique approach.

Design is: A marathon, not a sprint. That means creating interiors through discovery instead of haste.

Home is: The core of your life. It is your center, and we help you express yourself through curated, well-designed interiors.

Your #1 rule is: That you don’t need permission to disrupt or create beautiful spaces.

Sustainability is: Here to stay. I’ve honed in on vegan design and it’s a thrill to cater to a growing population prioritizing ethical and sustainable living.

Your must-have item is: A good vinyl collection. It belongs in every home.

Your career highlight is: Getting to lean into my ever-evolving identity while creating spaces, products and opportunities for others.

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