Get Your Flower 411 From This Design Duo’s New Series


Kelli Ellis Two Minute Trends Flowers

It’s time to add a little floral flair to your home.

The Society of American Florists recently teamed up with interior designer Kelli Ellis and color expert Mark Woodman to produce Two-Minute Trends, a seven-part video series that presents the science of living and working around flowers. With botanical research centered around color palettes and human moods, the duo shows how to maximize floral design to promote happiness, idea-generation, anxiety-reduction and more.

Let’s face it: As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to take pointers on how to arrange gathering spaces in your home or office to ensure an enjoyable environment for all your guests.

Below, Ellis (whom you may recognize from HGTV) discusses some of her secrets, knowledge and personal preferences for creating an ideal space.

What is the hottest floral of the season? Any tips for trying something different?

Dahlias and fall-toned “antique” hydrangeas are very strong. Also, the incorporation of dusty miller as a foliage is very popular! Florists have their finger on the pulse of all the best varieties. Give them a visit.

When it comes to flowers, should you go big or go home, or keep it simple?

Flowers in any application make any day or event more special. “Go Big or Go Home” works well for those special events that mark momentous occasions and big celebrations. … But even a simple vase of flowers next to a nightstand makes a wonderful welcome statement for guests or [serves as a] gesture of romance for a loved one. A small vase of flowers is the kitchen is a perfect pick-me-up to start off your morning, or to provide a moment of calm when you return home after a long day.

What is the most creative flower vessel that you’ve seen?

One florist needed to create a continuous border down both sides of an aisle for a bride. Rain gutters from a local home supply store proved to be the perfect solution. By capping off both ends and caulking the connections, the florist was able to create a 50-foot container that perfectly nestled blocks of floral foam and then added flowers to complete the design.

Which flowers are the best conversation-starters?

Adding any type on floral material with interesting texture is a conversation-starter! In a world where many people’s fingers are limited to the feel of a keyboard or phone for hours on end, the textures of various flowers and foliage become irresistible. If the textures are visually interesting it draws them in, but experiencing the feel of flowers and the variety of textural sensations makes being around flowers an experience that connects us to the organic side of life.

What personal touches do you incorporate into your own holiday home decor?

My adult daughters and I love to do a theme and craft each year. We carry the theme throughout the home. Our family and friends have come to know every year will be new and interesting. Homemade decor is unique and makes guests feel extra welcome!

What is your favorite holiday family tradition?

Cookie day! We have five generations of women in my family, and we set aside a full day for us all to cook our favorite holiday treats together. We dress festively, turn on the music, pour the wine and sample all the goodies we’ve each decided to bake. We bring together family from all over the globe every year!

In your video “Inspiring Conversation” you mention guests often bring flowers as hostess gifts, because they make people feel welcome and energized. What flowers would you recommend bringing to a gathering this season?

I think being thoughtful about your host is the most important thing! Calling my florist and giving them keywords or ideas about who is the recipient of my flowers is the key to getting it right.

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