Why We’re Crushing On The Design Feed Of Oprah’s Former Stylist


Kelly Huliman seated with book on zebra-print ottoman


WHO: A former stylist turned interior designer, Kelly Hurliman spent more than a decade as personal stylist to Oprah. In 2016, she opened her eponymous studio, Kelly Hurliman Design, focusing on eclectic and original interiors.

WHAT: Interiors with a shot of art, fashion and travel presented with an editorial eye. Since she’s not one to embrace a specific look, you won’t find sameness among any of her projects—Hurliman is all about the mix. 

WHY: Creating original content is always Hurliman’s aim. As with fashion, she approaches design with a desire for high and low sourcing. Her feed is both aspirational and inspirational, filled with design details, vendors and where to find the items she shows.

IN HER WORDS: A well-known designer once told me that designing allows her to always be shopping, and that stuck with me. I have always loved the hunt—discovering a new artisan, the perfect vintage rug or new shops, from local to London. I love when someone says they checked out a store, bought something vintage or found a new artist from something I shared.”