Restoring Antiques Is Preserving A Piece Of History For These Colorado Siblings


brown furniture piece and the maker

In an era of disposable furniture, the idea of fixing up a timeworn table or chair sounds almost radical—but not to siblings Sam, Jake and Hannah Becker, co-owners of Kin Furniture Co., a restoration and repair woodshop located in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.

Since launching their business in Greeley, Colorado, in 2011, they’ve helped a diverse clientele restore priceless antiques, repair iconic midcentury modern designs and update contemporary pieces to reflect current trends. Using period-appropriate materials and finishes collected over time and stored in their 3,000-square-foot warehouse, the Beckers address the broken elements of “just about anything made out of wood,” Sam says.

For them, preserving history, honoring fine craftsmanship and inspiring reuse is a passion—and an imperative. “Ninety percent of the projects we work on are family heirlooms and pieces of sentimental value,” Sam says. “Making sure they are repaired properly so they can be passed down and have a whole new history attached to them is the most important thing.”