Larger Than Life Lighting Revitalizes Traditional Indian Craft


headshot of Klove Studio founders Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth

black and white symmetrical light fixture with totems from Klove Studio

Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, co-founders of New Delhi’s Klove Studio, are upending the way modern lighting is produced in India with their larger than life pieces. While the dynamic duo are experimenting with size, scale and materials, their designs continue to pay homage to the artistic customs and practices that surround them at home.

What was the vision for your latest collection? Our Totems Over Time series celebrates an older way of living and, specifically, how civilizations have left their mark on society with references to ancient symbols and motifs. We wanted to achieve a harmonious balance between geometry and symmetry with bright totems devoted to abundance, vision, beauty and protection.

Talk to us about the materials. These nearly 10-foot-tall pieces incorporate metal and handblown glass, a centuries-old technique that supports local artisans in India. We believe in slow design, conscious craftsmanship and dreaming up fantastical ideas that take shape by working with dedicated makers.

Where do you find inspiration? From different cultures around the world, but especially in New Delhi where there is such a rich craft legacy. Good design makes life better on every level.


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