Explore This Designer’s Pleasingly Monochromatic Social Feed


Cow's skull wall decor above a black sofa paired with black-and-gold floor lamp and coffee table

Photo: Dan Ryan

Samples of wood flooring, rugs, tiles and patterned textiles spread across a table

Photo: Kristin Hazen

Exterior of a cream-colored house with dark wood-paneled garage

Photo: Dan Ryan

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WHO: The Phoenix-based Kristin Hazen Design, whose projects are modern, clean and prone to the element of surprise—think mosaic accents and rustic pops in contemporary spaces.

WHAT: Generous scroll depth reveals sunlit breakfast nooks, vision boards for upcoming projects, satisfying before-and-after shots and promising peeks of designs yet to come. All this, and the feed still manages to somehow feel pleasingly monochromatic.

WHY: Because you’ve seen it all but still want to be inspired.

IN HER WORDS: “It’s easy to feel very small in the big world that is the interior design industry. This platform is yet another way to express creativity while gaining inspiration and connecting to other people in your shoes all over the world.”