How America’s Quilting Tradition Inspired Kyle Bunting’s Rug Collection


Rugs By Kyle Bunting

For hide rug designer Kyle Bunting, family has always been at the core of his work. Take, for example, the Austin-based creative’s lauded range of rugs, wall coverings and home accessories, which incorporate methods passed down from his father Jim, who owned a hide art and furniture company. Bunting’s inventive take on these techniques ultimately led to his eponymous empire of beautiful yet functional décor objects for the home. Now, more than two decades since getting his start, Bunting’s work is once again being shaped by those near and dear.

This time around, Bunting looked to his mother, Peggy, and her longstanding passion for quilting as inspiration for his latest collection, Stateside. Playing off the striking patterns and graphic geometry of these traditional American textiles, the colorful new rug designs fuse the handiwork of both parents—all with Bunting’s signature spin. Each floor covering is created from pieced-together scraps, culled from repurposed hide cuttings and excess material collected during production.

What’s more, the collaboration also presents an opportunity to spotlight an unsung artform. Women like Peggy, and her family, have looked to quilting as a means of expression, love and practicality for centuries. “One of my most prized quilts was my grandmother’s,” she explains. “This handmade heirloom was crafted 65 years ago, and it’s evident that each stitch was painstakingly, and thoughtfully, made.”

It is the Buntings’ hope that these modern interpretations may also become treasured keepsakes and serve as timeless reminders of the historical fabric that connects families from one generation to the next.