Elevate Your Office Space With These Bold Collaborative Designs


office task chair in a green geometric design

Textile designer Cat Judice has never shied from making an impact. “Being from the South, there’s a tendency toward color and excess,” says the Louisiana-born and South Carolina-reared talent, who launched her namesake line in 2017.

Inspired by design icons like Josef Frank, Judice still employs a trusty ruler and pencil or watercolor to fashion patterns from her Spartanburg studio. So when Dallas-based Label 180 reached out with the proposition of upholstering an entire Parsons desk, legs and all, her curiosity was piqued.

The brand worked with Judice to tweak colors and scales, then applied 11 total textile iterations to five customizable desks and accompanying task chairs. Choices include a painterly floral, a midcentury-esque geometric and an eight-pronged star reminiscent of a compass rose.

green table that's part of cat judice textiles colllab