This Artist’s Work Brings Colorado Magic To Your Home


An impressionist mountain landscape by Kristen Ross.

WHO: Kristen Ross, a Boulder-based artist who uses an approach to rendering color and light inspired by the impressionist and post-impressionist movements to capture Colorado sceneries she experiences while hiking and camping. 

WHAT: An instant mood lifter, Ross’ feed is awash with vibrant colors that convey the sense of wonder the artist feels when exploring high-country settings firsthand. 

WHY: You’ll feel the joy that Colorado’s landscapes bring to her life. “When we encounter a place in person, it feels more real and vibrant than a photo can capture,” says Ross, who augments images of completed canvases with videos of her painting process from start to finish. 

WHERE: @kristenrossart

IN HER WORDS: “I hope my followers will feel inspired to stop scrolling and experience nature themselves, and I hope they’ll also feel called to protect these wild spaces.”

An impressionist painting of a mountain tree by Kristen Ross.