Lani Goodrich Reveals The Best Palm Beach Spots


Lani Goodrich

The Insider: Lani Goodrich


It would seem Lani Goodrich had a date with destiny the day the former science teacher stumbled upon a discarded kiln outside of her school, but fate wouldn’t come to fruition until seven years later when she launched Avenue Pottery–named in honor of the different roads she traveled before arriving at her newfound career. Today, Goodrich can be found most mornings among sand-tinted clay and white glazes, spinning her potter’s wheel until chic tumblers, canisters and bowls take shape. “The design is simple because people like simple,” muses Goodrich. “They can add to their collections over the years, and it will always match.”

Here, Goodrich dishes on what’s happening in West Palm Beach.

What’s exciting you at the moment? I am so lucky to be in the midst of West Palm Beach’s artistic awakening. Miami has had it forever; Fort Lauderdale has been there; and, now, we are finally seeing it at home. There have always been amazing artists here, but very few people knew it. Now we have beautiful murals, traveling exhibits and installations popping up.

Community call out: There are a ton of businesses locally that have really made an effort to support the neighborhood’s artists such as Aioli, Celis Produce, The Bee, The Blind Monk and Subculture Coffee. I admire the people behind these businesses, not because they are traditional artists, but because they are artists in their trades, whether it’s making the perfect sandwich or crafting the best cup of coffee.

Favorite local talents: My friend Halle Frey, owner of Flower and Fringe, is my personal female business-owner idol. She brought me into the world of West Palm Beach creatives purely out of kindness. Renee Griffith of HeartSwell is also very inspiring. She has flawless taste. Last, but certainly not least, Hannah Mayo is an amazingly artistic photographer. She took the photos on my site and I was in total awe watching her work.