Larose Guyon’s Coco Lighting Is Inspired By Jewelry


Launch: Coco By Larose Guyon

Felix Guyon and Audree L. Larose first crossed paths at a design-award event in Montreal. “We met and it was coup de foudre,” says Larose (that’s French for “love at first sight”). So perhaps it’s no surprise that the duo, through their studio Larose Guyon, recently debuted an elegant lighting collection called Coco that captures a sense of romance.

Inspired by the artistry of fashion icon Coco Chanel, the floating 10-globe luminaire evokes an elegant string of pearls. “We often get inspired by jewelry in the way that we use materials and textures,” Guyon says. Like jewelry, the fixture has junctions between its globes so it can be configured to work anywhere, whether over a table or staircase. Should one of the globes break, the design also makes it easy to replace. The goal with Coco–as with all Larose Guyon designs–was to delight the senses.

“When people look at what we do, we want to reach that little child in their hearts,” Guyon adds. “Our son is 6 years old, and he’s the best judge we could have. He doesn’t have any kind of design reference. When we have done a good job, his eyes shine.”