Behind A New Partnership Offering Bespoke Pieces


Behind A New Partnership Offering Bespoke Pieces

Launch: Dmitriy & Co.

Through a new partnership with Trammell-Gagne at the Seattle Design Center, furniture and upholstery company Dmitriy & Co is taking on the Pacific Northwest in big style.

David and Donna Feldman, partners in both life and business, are behind the brand, which offers handcrafted bespoke seating and surface pieces such as the Belgard sofa (shown above, center).

Exclusive to the Trammell-Gagne showroom are custom edits to their popular dining and lounge chairs, such as the Calonia (shown above, left).

Why Seattle? “The city has an understated, subtle and quiet beauty about it–it’s classic but modern, warm but serious, just like Dmitriy & Co,” says Donna Feldman.