A Dishwasher-Themed Water Park Is Hitting NYC Streets



This summer, “Life’s Good,” thanks to an innovative collaboration among LG, the New York City Department of Transportation and Citi Summer Streets.

For three Saturdays in August (5, 12, 19), New Yorkers will be able to cool down on the street–yes, you read that correctly–in a water park modeled after the new LG Quadwash dishwasher and its four spray arm technology.

Capable of holding up to 30 people at a time, the park features water slide spoons, spouting cups, sprinkler plates and more. Each part of the display is designed to mimic how LG Quadwash dishwashers actually function — with the added fun of obstacle courses with strong water jet streams that will soak people from all angles.

“There will also be huge plates and utensils that people can run though and slide down — making people feel like they’re actually in a loaded dishwasher,” LG Electronics representative Taryn Brucia says.

As an added bonus, the brand is setting up cabanas outside the splash zone where visitors can relax and learn more the product line. Music, refreshments and onsite giveaways will also be provided.

The LG team was looking to engage with consumers in a fun, creative way, when inspiration for the youthful concept struck.

“Placing the water park in the middle of Manhattan is a groundbreaking fete, and we knew that partnering with Citi Summer Streets would be a great way to ensure the most people could experience it,” Brucia adds.

There are currently no plans for dishwasher-inspired water parks in other cities, but let’s just put it this way: If you’re within the 6,750-square-foot area on Park Avenue, between 70th and 71st streets, prepare to get wet.