Learn How This Lifestyle Brand Preserves Arab And Indian Craft Legacy


black and white portrait of Ecru Creative Director Nur Kaouji

homewares from Ecru

homewares from Ecru

homewares from Ecru

Founded by three childhood friends raised in Kuwait, lifestyle brand Ecru draws upon the ethos and cultures of Arab and Indian hospitality for inspiration. With a dazzling shopfront in Jaipur, Ecru collaborates with craftspeople in India, Syria, Lebanon and Sri Lanka who specialize in textiles, woodworking, glass, ceramics and metalwork. Creative Director Nur Kaouji discusses the company’s roots.

How did Ecru start? Growing up (with co-founders Noor Al-Sabah and Hussah Al Tamimi) in Kuwait, we were surrounded by expats, particularly Arab and South Asian families. We were raised with an emphasis on the importance of hospitality and tradition, including sharing meals with loved ones. Our desire to carry on these rituals led us to launch Ecru, a brand that comprises beautiful handmade objects that elevate these interactions.

Talk to us about your homewares. What excites us is the incredible legacy of craft around the world. We get to work with artists who keep traditions like block printing and metalwork alive. At Ecru, we are always looking to expand our artisan directory and I’m constantly on the hunt for inspiring people.

How can design make a positive impact on our lives? Life has a way of throwing things at you, sometimes turning things upside down. One of our greatest salvages is nature and through nature, design.


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