Lifestyle Guru Shayla Copas Shares Fall Entertaining Tips


“I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and that region is woven into my aesthetic,” says luxury tastemaker and author Shayla Copas. “Entertaining is about creating a welcoming environment, and that meshes perfectly with the Pacific Northwest vibe.” Copas knows how to do it up big, as evidenced by the vast array of themed shindigs showcased in her book, Four Seasons of Entertaining. But given the times we’re living in, Luxe asked the lifestyle lodestar how to create that festive vibe on a more intimate scale.

What’s your favorite part of entertaining in the fall? Nature really gives us a treat during the fall. Since the colors of foliage vary in each region, you can always look beyond your own area for even more inspiration. I enjoy using colors traditionally associated with the season and mixing them with the unexpected. In the Oktoberfest feature of the book, I used oranges and golds, which is a more familiar fall palette, but added a crisp blue accent shade. That color combination feels fresh yet still seasonal. 

How do you see entertaining being different this year? We’ll definitely have more outdoor celebrations. Fall weather can be drastically different depending on where you’re located, but the season always lends itself to a very cozy feeling. If you do plan to entertain outdoors, include that detail on the invitation. It’s helpful for guests who are concerned about being in large groups. 

What tips would you offer those who are intimidated to entertain at home? My best tip is to be yourself and entertain from the heart. The recipes and other glamorous details are wonderful, but your guests can feel when you are opening your home with love. Think about how you would like to be welcomed into someone’s home and make sure you give that same emotion.