The Luxury Aspen Resort That’s Sporting A Striking Redesign


lobby area with gray chairs and artwork

The lobby and living room at Aspen resort The Little Nell have always been among the chicest meeting spots in town, but a new redesign by Luis Bustamante Studio of Spain quite literally casts the spaces in a new light.

The lobby sports lightened-up wood finishes and introduces a motif of striking geometries, seen first in round brass tables that rest atop a geometric-patterned rug. The split-level living room beyond features new furnishings along with bold paintings by Bustamante, formerly a professional painter and sculptor.

“Because Luis Bustamante’s background is in sculpture,” says the design firm’s Julian Castillo, “he conceives space as a whole piece of art, where there is a strong interplay between the materials, lighting, furniture and artwork. Then there’s the place: In response to the climate in Aspen, especially in winter, the first thing you’ll feel here is coziness—the feeling of being embraced, warm and protected.”

In other words, all the vibes a storied ski resort should deliver.