Looking To Design A Healthier Home? Add This Book To Your TBR


Cover of book, "Live Natural" featuring a wooden dining table and chairs.

With her first book, Live Natural: A Relaxed Approach to Creating Healthy Homes, interior designer Alison Davin hopes to empower and educate. “We all have the power to create healthy homes, and small steps over time can really enhance a person’s overall wellness,” she says. The tome, which comes out June 11, focuses on “mindful choices … from construction practices to furnishings”—an approach rooted in Davin’s personal experience. “I have been chemically sensitive my whole life,” shares the Jute Interior Design principal. “I notice such a huge difference in my health and in the air quality of spaces when chemicals are not present.”

French doors opening up to a dining room overlooking a vineyard.

The book covers topics such as airflow and light as they pertain to well-being; decorating with natural materials; and design that promotes time outside. Readers can take comfort in knowing that Live Natural is printed on FSC-certified, responsibly harvested paper using soy-based inks.