Explore The Wicker Weaving Process Behind The Brand That Revolutionized Outdoor Living


At Lloyd Flanders, heirloom-quality goes hand-in-hand with innovation—thanks in large part to the revolutionary Lloyd Loom. The weaving machine, which transformed the wicker industry more than a century ago, creates the all-weather wicker credited for putting Lloyd Flanders on the world stage. Here, we detail the process behind the product, and how this material has redefined the way we think about outdoor living.


The Lloyd Loom uses natural-fiber wicker that stands out for its durability, longevity and all-weather wearability. The fiber is twisted into a sturdy cord, wound onto small spools, then rewound onto larger spools that feed into the looms. “Our looms draw cord simultaneously from more than 500 spools to weave the Lloyd Loom fabric,” Jess Flanders, Vice President of Marketing says. One of the most unique features of the Loom is the use of aluminum stakes encased in fiber that are inserted into the fabric for enhanced stability and durability.


Once the loom fabric is woven, it is sealed to withstand the elements, dried and wrapped onto massive spools. These spools are taken to the cutting room, where the wicker fabric is cut to shape for each piece of furniture. Skilled craftsmen fit these pieces of fabric to aluminum frames that are shaped and welded in Lloyd Flanders’ facility, taking great care to stretch the wicker into place and secure it with custom-made stainless-steel staples. The edges are trimmed and the wicker braid is fitted into place by hand so that each piece is beautifully finished.

lloyd flanders catalina sectional


Once the pieces are fully assembled, they are taken to Lloyd Flanders’ paint shop, where they receive two coats of environmentally friendly Durium® paint. This advanced finishing material is a high solid, polyester resin-based paint that’s as flexible as it is durable; no burring, cracking or peeling. Available in over two dozen custom colors, it not only coats the furniture, but provides a finish that can withstand summer heat and winter snow.

Beyond the Loom, Lloyd Flanders continues to add new materials, like woven vinyl and sustainably sourced teak, to its outdoor furniture mix—moving the needle of innovation, one weave at a time.