How This Arizona Company Is Boosting Local Makers


As the name implies, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based company Local Trade is all about bringing together area furniture makers, artists, designers and other creatives.

To give them a proper platform, founder Anthony Williams displays their work via a series of temporary showrooms, marketplaces and pop-up shops. “Our showrooms create a special kind of energy you truly feel when you walk in,” he says.

The designer launched the organization in November 2016, at the end of renovating his first major project under his firm, Anthony W Design, and the positive response he’s received since has led him on a hunt for a permanent showroom. We caught up with him to learn more about his creative community gatherings.

Why did you decide to launch Local Trade?

When I was working on my first real residential project, I found that it didn’t feel right to ll the house with random, heartless pieces of furniture. Also, at the time, I was toying with the idea of a consignment-furniture store dedicated to local builders, because I knew there were many talented people in Phoenix who didn’t have an adequate space to showcase their work. And then it hit me: I could do both!

What makes each pop-up event special?

I like to think of our showrooms like a painter thinks of a painting. In our case, each piece works like a brushstroke–a mark made by a different member of the community who poured his heart and passion into that one item. I just can’t think of anywhere else where community, collaboration and beauty are seen in a more tangible way.

Best part of your job?

“All this was made in town?!” That is what I love the most: hearing people’s reactions when they discover the immense amount of talent their city has to offer. Every time I hear of one of our Local Traders selling another piece from the exposure Local Trade generates, I can feel our community getting stronger. That is what it’s all about.