Meet A Textile Designer With A Holistic And Ecofriendly Approach


Portrait of Amy Weisberg sitting on a stool with rolls of white fabric behind her

A moldboard including swatches of patterned fabric, photos and paint swatches all pinned on a wall

A black-on-white geometric motif by Amy Weisberg of Like.leigh

Working for large fashion and home brands, textile designer Amy Weisberg longed to return to her hand-crafting roots. But it wasn’t until her mother passed away that she recognized how fleeting time is and the importance of following one’s passion. With that realization came textile studio Like.leigh.

“My mother and I were so much alike. Her name was Sandra Leigh, and I’m just like Leigh,” she says. Weisberg, who lives in San Clemente, begins designing patterns by hand (drawn, painted or stamped) and relishes the imperfect quality of screen printing. Her approach is holistic, too.

“From certified Belgian linen to ecofriendly dyes, every decision matters, and we print made-to-order to minimize waste.” For her latest collection, New Moon, which is replete with cyclical patterns of lines and crescents, Weisberg again looked to family—this time, her child. “Motherhood has been a beautiful and complex transition, so this collection is very much a response to that. It’s a nod to ever-present transitions.”