Decorate With These Rugs And Pillows That Pack A Colorful Punch


red textured pillow

Helmed by Jeannie Fraise, San Francisco interior design studio Lotus Bleu has unveiled Morocco, a collection of vintage and contemporary rugs and accent pillows. Each piece is handwoven by tribal women from the Azilal province in the Atlas mountains. Fraise hand-selected each item and customized the pillows when she traveled to Morocco last year. “The rugs are both an important economic livelihood for these women and a unique creative outlet for them,” Fraise says. “As they are no longer nomadic nor have access to livestock for wool, they resourcefully use colorful yarns from recycled sweaters to weave beautiful one-of-a-kind and sustainable pieces.” The collection—10 rugs and 48 pillows created from vintage rugs—dovetails with Fraise’s own aesthetic, comprising vibrant color palettes and touches of playfulness.

red and multicolor rug