Lutron Redefines Smart Luxury: A Bright And Elegant Vision Of Lighting Control


Brushed Brass finish

In an age when making your home “smart” is top of mind, the goal of doing so while maintaining a desired aesthetic has become a tenet of luxury residential design. You want your home’s most innovative features to be stylish, too. And that’s why Alisse was created.

Lutron’s one-of-a-kind lighting control aesthetic looks like a piece of minimalistic wall art, but behind its sleek façade is an intelligent illumination system with numerous customization options. It truly epitomizes its tagline: “Elegance Made Brilliant.”


Designed to integrate seamlessly with Lutron’s HomeWorks whole-home automation system, Alisse enables residents to set the scene at the touch of a button. Each button is programmed to the user’s intended settings, with a soft LED halo providing an intuitive guide to the customized experience.

Picture this: In the morning, you adjust a dial that reads “Energize,” and when returning home from a long day, “Relax” gets its turn. Or maybe icons are more your style. Custom engraving of words or ideograms allows for extra personalization. The choice is yours.

Aged Bronze finish.

The wall plate, button configuration and finish selection are decoupled from the installation and programming process, so you can install the base unit and choose your look independently. This approach allows for button, finish and color selections, as well as scene setting, to be chosen after architecture is complete. And indeed, with so many sleek options, you might need the extra time to decide.

Aged Bronze finish.


Alisse’s metal finishes include Aged Bronze, Aged Brass, Brushed Brass, Champagne, Satin Nickel, Graphite and Bright Chrome. Painted metal colors range from Matte Black, to Brilliant White, Snow White and Architectural White.

Graphite finish.

Lutron uses a hand-finishing process to bring out the dimension and hues to these genuine materials. Each finish is thoughtfully matched with a coordinated ink for engraving. A thin glowing halo around each button completes the future-forward yet sophisticated look. The plate itself has a sleek profile that protrudes less than 1/8th of an inch from the wall. It also comes in a one-, two- and three-column version, and is resistant to wear, fingerprints and stains.

Matte Black finish.

“At the heart of Alisse is Lutron’s understanding that every detail matters when designing a home and technology’s role should be to enhance the vision, not distract from it,” says Sam Chambers, the senior director of Lutron’s residential division.

Alisse was released in December of 2020 and is available for order today. If you’re looking for design support, visit to find a local Lutron representative or authorized dealer for your next project.