Lynne Meade Is Bowling San Francisco Over With Her Cool Ceramics


artist at a pottery wheel

Oakland ceramicist Lynne Meade creates intricate modern pieces that she thinks of as sculptures of functional objects. Her work—vessels, ceramic furniture and hand-carved tiles— can be found in both public spaces and private homes. Here, Luxe chats with Meade about her work.

How do you find inspiration? A lot of it is through collaborating with students. I’m exploring a technique called piercing, which I had to learn to teach to a student. I’m testing the limitations of the clay. I love when it’s light and airy and almost not even a physical object, just the outline of an idea.

What are you exploring now? I’ve recently started working with a woodworker to weave wood into my ceramics. I’m doing tabletops and a series of table lamps. I love the contrast.

You participate in Oakland Art Murmur. Why do you love it? Everyone from locals to 20- and 30-somethings working in tech is there to enjoy art. If I have a $2,200 bowl that has a tiny flaw, I can’t sell it to galleries, so I’ll sell it for $200 at the Art Murmur. On 25th Street, there’s a beer distillery and live music, so it’s like a huge street party.

light greenish-blue ceramic bowl