This Company Strives To Create Linens Grown & Sewn In The US


Shay Carillo and Jeanie Kirk of linen company Madre

Portland-based linen home goods company Madre began with a simple idea: seed to table. Launched in 2019 with the aim to create linen home essentials that are as close to 100% domestic as possible—meaning grown, processed, woven and sewn in the U.S.—partners Shay Carillo and Jeanie Kirk have spent the last handful of years working toward this goal, encouraging the reintroduction of the fiber flax industry to Oregon and the Northwest after decades of dormancy. Luxe chatted with Carillo and Kirk to learn more.

Why did you launch Madre? Jeanie Kirk: Shay and I worked together on her previous linen textiles business, and in 2019, after the birth of my first child, we decided to launch Madre with the goal of making 100% domestic linen bedding. After discovering that linen revitalization was already underway right here in the Northwest, we took it as a sign to jump in.

Why linen? JK: Linen is our favorite textile! The ultimate heirloom, linen is strong, durable and softens naturally over time. It’s ancient, antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic, more absorbent than cotton and naturally stain resistant. We dream about Madre linens being passed along from generation to generation.

Ocher-colored tablecloth topped with orange flowers and various green vegetables.

What is your favorite thing about Madre? Shay Carillo: I love seeing how our message of eating and resting ripples out to our community and invested customers. Whether it’s gathering for a meal with cherished friends or tucking yourself into bed, Madre honors the simple, necessary and universal delights of food and rest.

Can you share what’s next for Madre? JK: Our big vision is to not only source domestic linen but help produce it by opening the first linen spinning and weaving mills here in Oregon. The Madre Mill is where we can realize our own creative vision and also help support the burgeoning linen ecosystem here. It will truly take a village to make it possible, but we are working every day toward this goal.