Take A Peek At The Colorful World of This Mural And Street Art Studio


Portrait of Meredith Steele and Kristen Fogarty of Magik Studios wearing overalls in their studio

A black-and-white graphic mural by Magik Studios on the wall behind an all-white bed

Mural displaying hands holding a hammer with vines in a Colorado urban setting

WHO: Meredith Steele and Kristen Fogarty, friends and artists who met in 2019, painted their first mural together in 2020 and in 2021 launched Denver-based Magik Studios, where they design custom pieces for a national roster of commercial and residential clients.

WHAT: The duo’s feed offers an up-close look at their art, which includes hand-painted murals, digital illustrations, mixed-media installations and more—in palettes that range from monochrome to earth tones to Technicolor.

WHY: A scroll through these eye-catching images offers insight into the way wall art can transform a space—as well as inspiration for springtime walks through neighborhoods like Denver’s LoDo, Lowry and LoHi, where you can view Steele and Fogarty’s murals and installations in the flesh.

WHERE: @magik.studios

IN THEIR WORDS: “It’s our goal to create artwork that makes an impact while also being relatable. We hope our followers will find inspiration for their homes, that they will find our work in the wild and that our feed sparks joy.”