Add These Perfectly Pretty Woven Lampshades To Your Wish List


Houston-based interior designer Suzanne Duin of Maison Maison, which specializes in French antiques and home accessories, has launched a collection of woven lampshades befitting the most charming of coastal homes or grandest of English manor houses—and practically any design environment in between.

“During my last few trips to England, I saw the trend coming for fun, colorful fabric shades, so we launched our own line featuring mostly batik-type fabrics,” she says. “But I felt there was a need for something more special—textural, versatile and, first and foremost, elegant.”

With that in mind, Duin’s new collection comprises shades woven of fine grasses sourced in South Asia and made in a Vietnam cooperative comprising mostly women living in rural areas. “It allows them to make an income and allows us to experience their beautiful craftsmanship,” Duin adds.

The shades come in a variety of shapes, such as bell, lily, empire and scalloped, and sizes sure to add an element of warmth and whimsy to any space.