Inside A Malibu Manse All About Views, Outdoor Living


traditional living room seating area...

Architect Paul Williger and designer GeGe Pender worked together to transform a Malibu abode. In the living room seating area, a Dessin Fournir sofa wears damask by Nancy Corzine; next to it is an Herve Van der Straeten lamp on a John Boone table. Finishing the space are ottomans from J. Robert Scott, an Ironies coffee table and a Tabriz from Jamal's Rug Collection. The lounge chair and the console and chandelier in the hallway are from Rose Tarlow Melrose House.

traditional kitchen white cabinetry chrome...

The Christopher Peacock kitchen and counter stools make a traditional statement. The ceiling's stain resembles weathered driftwood, keeping the ambience rustic, causal and beachy. The chrome pendants over the island are from RH; the sinks and faucets are by Rohl.

traditional breakfast nook neutral stone...

In the breakfast nook, Pender used an existing table and updated the homeowners' chairs with Chelsea Textiles fabric from Mimi London; they were fabricated by Roman Upholstery. Stone from Cavendish Grey dresses the floors. Williger designed the mahogany doors from Southland Windows.

traditional neutral dining room antique...

Reflected in the antique mirror in the dining room is a Corbin Bronze piece. Chairs from Rose Tarlow Melrose House slipcovered with Romo fabric from Thomas Lavin surround the homeowners' own table. Lighting the space is an Italian chandelier from Melissa Levinson Antiques.

traditional family room brown accents

The family room combines with the adjacent kitchen to create one space for relaxing, cooking and dining. Rose Tarlow Melrose House supplied the sofa, walnut coffee table, lounge chairs with roll backs, and leather club chairs. Rounding out the furnishings are a carpet from Jamal's Rug Collection, Formations dining chairs and pendants from Orange.

traditional outdoor dining area

Williger designed the wrought-iron railings that enclose the pergola, where Janus et Cie armchairs create cozy perches to take in the views of the vine-bedecked shelter and vistas of the surrounding landscape.

traditional exterior terrace pool sitting...

The reclaimed hexagonal terra-cotta tile flooring from Exquisite Surfaces on the terrace evokes the Italian countryside. Landscape architect Richard R. Bartley strategically placed trees throughout the property, such as the spiraling Italian cypresses by the pool.

traditional neutral bedroom vintage chairs...

A pair of vintage chairs from Orange face a bed fabricated by Roman Upholstery with Jasper silk mohair, which is set against a wall in a Gracie covering in the master suite. The bedside lamp is from Antonio's Bella Casa and underfoot is a silk-and-bamboo rug from Aga John Oriental Rugs. In the sitting area, the chaise lounges are by Maxalto, while the floor lamp is from the Morateur Gallery, and the mirror is from JF Chen.

exterior pool and landscape orange...

Outside, bright Perennials fabrics cover the cushions on the chaises and the RH chairs by the spa. The cheerful Santa Barbara Umbrellas are from Summit. Williger used weathered materials, including Durango limestone, from Bourget Bros. Building Materials, on the patio around the pool and reclaimed antique tile on the rooftops from Exquisite Surfaces to engender a sense of authenticity.

For the renovation of a Mediterranean-style spec home, architect Paul Williger — known for his meticulous attention to detail — was set on creating outdoor living spaces reminiscent of Italian resorts and optimizing the property’s spectacular ocean views.

To that end, the family room and kitchen of the California dwelling feature a bank of arced mahogany French doors that open to a 12-foot-deep terrace with views to the Pacific.

In charge of the plant palette, landscape architect Richard Bartley also took care to protect the views visible from the interiors.

“There are no trees planted on the same level as the swimming pool,” says Bartley, who joined forces with the architect on solutions for optimizing privacy in all the outdoor rooms.

In response to Malibu’s inclination toward cold and windy nights, the living and dining rooms access a protected courtyard with a fireplace shielded from the elements.

Meanwhile, a mix of traditional and modern furnishings dot the interiors of the estate, with designer GeGe Pender incorporating subtle pops of color — such as the blue and gold in the living room and bedroom — to keep in line with the residence’s relaxed aesthetic.

Still, the home features unique accents that intentionally play against styles.

“If everything is expected the rooms can get dull–mixing in contemporary pieces keeps things fresh,” she adds.