Mark Cunningham On What’s Next For His New Line



Mark Cunningham is always thinking one step ahead.

Following the spring opening of his studio, the renowned New York-based interior designer this month launched his to-the-trade line, MARKED, comprised of versatile furniture, fabrics and found objects.

With nearly 30 years of design experience under his belt, Cunningham is armed with the taste and know-how needed to be eagerly received by fellow designers and artisans.

Luxe chatted with the industry pro to learn more about the collection, what inspired the pieces, and what’s next.




Can you share the story of one of your favorite custom pieces of furniture?

One of our signature pieces is the upholstered Mark Four Poster Bed. This is a piece I designed almost 15 years ago for a client’s apartment in New York City, and we’ve spec’d it many times since because it has proven to be so adaptable. The first one was styled with a pair of antique bedside tables, but it really looks great in any room — traditional or contemporary.

What are some of the customization options for the furniture pieces?

It’s really limitless, but a good example would be to make the Dallas Chair a swivel, which we recently did at a client’s request and loved the result. Our shapes are easily translated–you could use the Oliver Chair shape as a sofa, or the Hayworth Dining Chair as a settee. And of course all of our pieces are customizable, or you can choose a MARKED textile.

When talking about the textile pieces, you mention ceramicists have influenced your aesthetic. Who are some of these muses, and what features did you carry over into the collection?

This first textile collection was partially inspired by the Danish ceramicist Gertrud Vasegaard. I’ve always loved her use of color, texture, and pattern, and I designed this collection to feature some of my own reinterpretations of her work.

Where do you hunt for the vintage pieces you’re offering?

Everywhere. I am drawn to items that have integrity and interest, and the pieces currently on offer were sourced from antique fairs across the country, at auction, and from travels to Europe, Japan, and elsewhere–with more to come on the way.

What kinds of collections are you hoping to embark on in the future?

Hoping to have tabletop, ceramics, rugs in the works soon!