7 Pros Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories


Glowing and grand, the latest in lighting take center stage and inspire a narrative all their own.

Fade To Black

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories


THE PIECE: Intersection Table Lamp

THE DESIGNER: Christopher Kreiling

FIND IT: christopherkreiling.com

THE INSPIRATION: Rich in design and refreshingly unorthodox materials, the Intersection table lamp features a black-tourmaline obelisk, believed to absorb electromagnetic energy.


THE DESIGNERS: Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi

FIND THEM: bowernyc.com

THE INSPIRATION: Perception and reality were considered when crafting these modern pieces, made using cold-rolled steel tubing and flanked with custom blown-satin-glass globes.

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories


Interior Designer


Unique is the new chic: There is such an interesting conversation happening here between the Intersection table lamp and the C sconces. Christopher Kreiling and Bower’s Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi are masters at infusing whimsy into their forms and materiality. Their playfulness makes me smile.

The C sconce… Has “uniqueness” in spades–its form is unlike any I’ve ever laid eyes on. To pull off such a simplistic design requires absolute precision, especially when other textures or elements are decidedly absent.

The Intersection table lamp… Has an allure all its own, too–one that is clever and electric.

Lighting is the jewelry… Of any well-developed space and, as such, has the power to make a huge statement. In the case of both designs, they stand on their own as exquisite sculptures that just so happen to also illuminate.

Dress Circle

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories

THE PIECES: Luna Wall Sconce Medium and Luna Wall Sconce Small

THE DESIGNER: Miguel Angelo

FIND THEM: seripamerica.com; collectiveform.com

THE INSPIRATION: The Luna sconces and their sister designs are inspired by a full moon’s radiant and contrasting light–a dazzling phenomenon like no other. Handmade in Portugal, the sconces’ modern configurations contain layers of textured bronze-finished rings that hold discs of majestic Murano glass, and like all designs by Serip, diffuse light in a glamorous way.

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories


Interior Designer


I relish in the unexpected… Especially with lighting and accessories, and a Serip moment is quick to incite that feeling. These pieces are not for the faint of heart, but neither is the whimsical architecture, wine, culture and all things that are Portuguese–the Luna sconces capture that essence so wonderfully.

The thoughtful mix of materials… Is so on point: artisanal glass created in a way that could never be engineered. The metallic support of bronze and the simple geometry of the circular framing all amount to a design that is very versatile.

My philosophy with design… Is to get weird and have a little fun, either through scale, repetition, light quality or contrasting finishes. So, I’d love to see these sconces installed in clusters on the ceiling and then trickling down the walls on either side of a vanity or in a powder room.

They call to mind… The recent lunar eclipse; maybe the impact runs deeper than I thought. We are all effortlessly drawn to nature, and these sconces feel so akin to the moon majestically stacked against the sun.

Lights Up

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories

THE PIECES: Mince Torchiere and Beauvoir Torchiere

THE DESIGNER: Jonathan Browning

FIND THEM: jonathanbrowninginc.com

THE INSPIRATION: Exquisite and edited, Jonathan Browning’s latest torchieres are a true study in minimalism. The uninterrupted shape of and use of polished nickel in the Mince lights make for a gentle, perfect glow, while the Beauvoir’s brass cup was intended to softly radiate any space through refracted light. Either way, both designs epitomize easy elegance and brighten a room with their very presence (pun very much intended).

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories


Interior Designer


Sometimes designs that look very simple… Are actually the hardest to create. Jonathan Browning makes it look seamless, however, with both torchieres marrying clean details with style and functionality.

Clean… Is the new classic.

The mix of polished nickel and light bronze… Adds a modern element to a style that is eye-catching on its own but packs a punch when grouped together.

I think it’s important to… Incorporate certain extravagances into homes in whatever form the dweller feels is meaningful. For me, and for my clients, it’s often through lighting. For instance, a bold light fixture in a foyer can easily create a grand entrance, the same way a novel piece in an understated dining room can transform an otherwise simple space.

The Beauvoir torchieres… Remind me of retro microphones, a symbolic object of those times, and one that is considered legendary. I see the Beauvoir as a contemporary showpiece that has the potential to do the same.

Stage Hand

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories

THE PIECE: Hook, Vine and Sinker Pendant

THE DESIGNER: Vermont Modern by Hubbardton Forge

FIND IT: vermontmodern.com

THE INSPIRATION: Tasked with concepting three uniquely forged steel hooks to eventually be paired with three blown-glass forms, Vermont Modern designers struck gold (finish) with the Hook, Vine and Sinker pendant. The hand-forged hooks, which are individually designed by skilled artisans at the Castleton, Vermont, forge, attach to cloth-covered cables, available in bold and classic colorways.

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories

Janice Parker

Landscape Architect


Hand-forged is a quality… That cannot be replicated or mass-produced, which is why I’ve long been a devout fan of Vermont Modern and Hubbardton Forge. Quality, originality and innovation are always equally considered in each of their creations.

It’s my philosophy… That every space requires a statement piece–a star–in addition to costars and supporting actors. This pendant, however, could easily take center stage.

I’m so attracted to… The pendant’s curvilinear and artistic quality, as well as the clean use of timeless materials.

Simplicity… Is the new luxury.

An intimate corner or small vignette… Are where I imagine this piece living; its asymmetry is sure to be an eye-catcher in these cozy spaces.

Good and well-crafted designs… Never go out of fashion. I tell my clients to “cry once” but pay the money and never cry again, for quality will always stand the test of time.

Curtain Call

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories

THE PIECE: Atoll Table Lamp


FIND IT: liaigre.com

THE INSPIRATION: Bronze-bodied and lit with LED lights, Liaigre’s Atoll lamp is both sculptural and functional. Though utterly sophisticated, it also possesses an organic quality with a circular shape indicative of its name: Atoll, which literally translates to a ring-shaped island formed by a coral reef. This piece is sure to earn a spot in any space that values an equally stylish and storied aesthetic.

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories
7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories


Interior Designers


Lighting has the power… To enhance the mood of a room and the mood of its inhabitants. It’s an essential layering element that must sync with and complement its surroundings.

Attention to detail, purist design and kingly craftsmanship… Immediately come to mind when picturing a Liaigre design, and all are ideals elegantly executed with the Atoll lamp.

The polished bronze… Is treated in such a way that we can appreciate the craftsmanship behind this piece. It’s a noble yet approachable material.

Our style in two words: Edited and collected.

We’re particularly taken by… Atoll’s sculptural presence. It’s so diverse; we could see it living in both bohemian and Spartan spaces alike. Whether in a foyer or hallway, it’s sure to spark the curiosity of the viewer and elevate an opulent room or curated corner with its exquisite simplicity.

Objects as art… Are the new norm.

Well Cast

<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Well Cast</strong></p>

THE PIECES: Cirrus Sconce and Cirrus Chandelier

THE DESIGNER: Coil + Drift

FIND THEM: coilanddrift.com

THE INSPIRATION: It’s no question that Coil + Drift principal John Sorensen-Jolink’s fresh designs are inspirited by his background in dance and choreography: the New York designer can explore movement in both. Contemporary and thoughtful, the Cirrus chandelier and sconce are Sorensen-Jolink’s first stab at cast-resin–and a spectacular one at that–while the familiar oval shape is a reoccurring one throughout his furniture collections.

7 Designers Shine A Light On Illumination Accessories


Interior Designer


Lighting and hardware… Are to our spaces as jewelry is to the body; they are the finishing touches that can make or break an interior.

Scale, contrast and context… Make a statement piece, like Cirrus, what it is: big and bombastic in a small space, small and delicate in a big one. In a word, something apart.

At Inc, we’re craving… Objects and spaces that are thought-provoking, meaningful and beautiful. John Sorensen-Jolink’s work shares an affinity with many of the touchpoints that distinguish the new American-made aesthetic where beauty is the by-product of considered solutions with an emphasis on the honest expression of materials.

Coil + Drift fits in well with… The American-made design renaissance born on the wave of the Brooklyn maker culture. Not since the midcentury has the American design scene had such an influence on the cultural world stage.