How The Right Materials Can Set A Kitchen Apart


Just as the right combination of flavors can set apart one’s cuisine, an aesthetic blend of materials can do the same in a kitchen build or remodel. With that in mind, we tapped the expertise of Cooper Pacific Kitchens‘ Steven Cooper, whose attention to detail helps him create luxury kitchens that are worthy of being the home’s main course. Read below as he discusses his strategy for crafting this efficient-yet-beautiful kitchen designed in collaboration with interior designer Pauline Moghavem.

What was your main goal for this space?

To create a handsome, functional kitchen for a large family with many areas for prep, serving and seating at a secondary island. We also wanted to incorporate an interesting mix of materials that worked with Pauline’s strong design sensibility throughout the home.

Tell us about your approach to using an array of materials.

Really, we look for ways to establish a consistent thread between the materials running throughout the space. The conversation between polished and matte textures should have purpose in its intention. Committing to bringing that story throughout the entire space, to balancing each element’s importance, is what makes a mix of styles successful.

How do you select finishes and fixtures?

We love drama! It’s important to consider, though, how each material will perform around the elements it will certainly encounter, including water, oil, light, heat and fingerprints. For instance, a sink area will be heavily exposed to water, so that would mean a porous material might not be the best option for that space.