The Phoenix Artist Behind These Multimedia Works


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Meet The Maker

Denise Yaghmourian

Pattern and repetition have long captivated Phoenix artist Denise Yaghmourian, whose multimedia works range from geometric shapes wrapped in textiles and embellished with thread to delicate hanging installations crafted from feathers. Represented by both Bentley Gallery in Phoenix and Bogena Galerie in Scottsdale, Yaghmourian’s striking work was part of the show at Mesa Arts Center through mid-April.

What inspires you?

Patterns in nature, math and science, the brain, and life and relationships. The intersection of natural and man-made designs is a recurring theme in my work, and I seek to merge naturally occurring patterns with my own creations.

Describe your fiber pieces.

Most of my fiber work utilizes hooks and eyelets on fabric and thread as the essential mediums. I use the fabric and eyelets as a first layer of the piece, much like gesso on a canvas, then I weave threadwork patterns through the eyelets.

Tell us about a recent commission.

David Michael Miller was working with Bentley Gallery to select art for a collection, and when he saw my installation at the gallery, he asked me to create artwork specific to the home. I made a large piece from goose feathers twirled into circular forms and cable ties. It comprises three cocoon-shaped vessels that vary in size.

What direction is your art taking?

I’m currently working on a series of large thread-pattern wall hangings. I’m enjoying how the pattern work is becoming more and more intricate and involved.